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Prices for courses in English 🇬🇧


We have experience with teaching international students for many years now. Our skilful, english-speaking instructors have welcomed students from India, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Romania, China, Philippines etc. and they are happy to welcome you too at Safety Car Bozzai Driving School.


Categories Theoretical course Theoretical exam fee Practical driving fee (per hour) Practical exam fee All course fees All exam fees All course + exam fees
A 60 000 HUF 4 600 HUF 4 500 HUF/h 4 700 + 11 000 HUF 181 500 HUF 20 300 HUF 201 800 HUF
B 60 000 HUF 4 600 HUF 6 000 HUF/h 11 000 HUF 225 000 HUF 15 600 HUF 240 600 HUF

In case of additional practical hours the same fees apply.

Prices above do not include the fee and exam fee of First Aid course.

Flexible driving hours, we do our best to schedule the program according to your comfort! Safety Car BOZZAI Driving School Győr

For inquries in english: +36202392686



Account owner: Bozzai Lajos
Bank account number: 10918001-00000098-18960007

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